.. Information to complement the gp consultation. order viagra online General information travel information division information nevdgp home a-z index immunisation weblinks topics index   video index friendly print preview tennis elbow   what is tennis elbow? viagra no prescription Lateral epicondylitis ('tennis elbow' or 'backhand tennis elbow') is inflammation of an important forearm muscle tendon at the point of attachment to the outer side of the elbow bone. Tennis players are not the only sufferers. buy generic viagra online It is common in golfers, carpenters, bricklayers, violinists and housewives, especially those between 35 and 55 years of age. What causes it? Tennis elbow is the result of repeated bending and twisting movements of the arm, such as when playing golf and tennis, using a screwdriver, wringing wet clothes, carrying buckets or picking up bricks. It affects tennis players who use a lot of wrist action in a faulty backhand movement, especially when they are unfit. viagra taken by younger men The force of the ball hitting the racquet is greater than the strength of the muscle; the muscles of the forearm thus become overstrained. viagra people bathtub The strains, initially painless, cause small tears in the tendon. As they start to heal, more tears occur and painful inflamed scar tissue forms. What are the symptoms? long before daily viagra works The outer bony projection of the elbow (the lateral epicondyle) is painful. For some people the pain is constant and can interfere with sleep. The forearm aches with grasping and lifting movements such as pouring tea, turning stiff handles, ironing clothes and typing. Even simple things like picking up a glass, shaking hands or brushing teeth can cause pain. What is the treatment? viagra 20 mg 2 tablet fiyat Tennis elbow is stubborn to treat but almost always curable. The two bases of treatment are: rest (avoiding the cause, e. G. buy viagra cheap Stop playing tennis) exercise (to strengthen the forearm muscles, which bend the wrist) your general practitioner might recommend a cortisone injection to speed recovery. viagra taken by younger men Sometimes it can take 1 year to heal. Exercises use a dumbbell or similar type of weight such as a bucket of water. Start with 0. 5 kg (1 lb) and build up gradually to 5 kg. Sit in a chair beside a table. Rest your arm on the table so that the wrist is over the edge. With your palm facing downwards, grasp the weight. Slowly raise and lower the weight 12 times. Rest for 1 minute. viagra coupon Repeat twice. Do the exercise every day until you can play tennis, work or use your forearm without pain. The towel-wringing exercise this hurts at first, but usually cures the problem by 6 weeks. Roll up a handtowel and, with your arms straight, grasp the towel, then wring it slowly so that your wrist is fully bent forwards. buy viagra canada Hold for 10 seconds, then reverse the wringing action to extend your wrist; hold for 10 seconds. Gradually, increase the time by 5 seconds until you can hold for 60 seconds. viagra taken by younger men Do this twice a day, twice in each direction. Tennis.
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